Walnut wood shelf and stabilized plants

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If you are looking for a special place to place your favorite objects on the Walnut wood shelf and stabilized plants you will find it.

If you are looking for a special place to place your favorite objects on the Walnut wood shelf and stabilized plants you will find it.


A special place for those special objects, nothing better than the Walnut wood shelf and stabilized plants with ideal measures of 120 x 25 x 5 cm, they will give both your favorite objects and the environment a natural touch and full of color, dare to have a little piece of nature inside your house or in any environment.

Classic and linear in the placement of the wall, it becomes a very original piece of furniture with the combination of the aquatic fern in two-tone foliage. When hung on the wall, it turns out to be a classic, clean-cut design element. Two-tone foliage topped with water fern simply adds an original touch to this decorating asset.


  • Materials: Italian walnut.
  • Handmade
  • The original grain of the wood.
  • Finish: natural oil coating typically for National Walnut
  • Plants: aquatic fern with bicolor foliage cover. It can be hung on the right, left or in the middle.
  • Positioning: hanging.
  • Measures 120 x 25 x 5 cm.



Stabilization is a natural and totally ecological process that replaces the sap of plants with stabilizing substances. The latter stop the aging of plants and flowers, sealing their aesthetic appearance in that degree of maturation or flowering. Therefore, the stabilization allows to decorate environments with real plants and flowers at their maximum splendor, without the need for water, soil and sunlight for their survival.

Stabilized plants and flowers are completely natural and ecological. The result of a unique plant conservation process, which consists of replacing the sap with a stabilizing treatment product.

Plants and flowers do not require maintenance:

  • There's no water
  • Landless
  • No need for light
  • and its useful life is close to 10 years.

Flowers, plants, and foliage are collected at the best time in their life cycle when they have the optimal appearance. Only after careful selection do they go into the stabilization chamber. A microclimate is recreated in which the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light coexists. These conditions are constantly monitored. Plants are placed in long tubs in a liquid mixture of glycerin, water, and food coloring. During this process, which lasts a few days, the sap of the plant evaporates and is replaced by this new mixture.

Finally, the plants are rinsed and suspended in a drying room for a few days. Quality control and cleaning are carried out before the plants are shipped.

The advantages of stabilized plants and flowers.
Stabilized plant environment Stabilized trees, plants and flowers are perfectly adapted to the professional world: they do not require any kind of maintenance and do not suffer the typical climatic aggression of indoor environments (lack of light, climatic shock due to heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, etc ...) therefore, it is possible to maintain quality vegetation throughout the year in a closed environment.

We are pleased to present you this new type of floral and plant decoration that allows you to combine the pleasant appearance, flexibility and freshness of natural vegetation with the practicality of the artificial.

These are the advantages of stabilized plants:

  • No need for watering.
  • It does not need soil or fertilizers.
  • No need for light
  • No growth: volume remains constant and controlled
  • Possibility of having plants outdoors indoors
  • They do not suffer climatic aggression due to air conditioning, heating, etc.
  • Stabilized plants are completely natural.


Precautions to ensure freshness and optimum shelf life:

  • Do not expose directly to the sun behind a glass for a long period
  • Do not put in contact with convectors or heating systems.
  • Do not water, spray or clean with water.
  • Use only indoors
  • Maintain a hygrometric rate of not more than 70%
  • The slight hint of weed, especially in the early phase, is a normal physiological phenomenon of real plants.
  • A slight difference in tone over time should be considered normal.
  • Maintenance of stabilized plants, we recommend sprinkling them occasionally, simply with a hair dryer.
  • Unlike artificial plants, stabilized plants are not static, therefore the dust does not stick.
  • Made with 100% real organic material.

The choice of decorating with stabilized grass meets many needs:

  • Create scenographic solutions, such as green walls, flowery ceilings and any installation without requiring limits of creativity;
  • Decorate commercial environments, without the need for particular maintenance, irrigation, pruning or lighting and air conditioning;
  • Create unique decoration accessories decorated with plants, which become one with the object, in a communicative union full of charm;
  • Designing temporary facilities such as stands, photo sessions and events, with the possibility of reusing the scenery of the plants since it is not perishable;
  • Decorate in a sustainable and ecological way. Our floral creations remain intact for up to ten years;
  • Customize business environments with a unique, eye-catching and memorable style that will not go unnoticed;
  • Create compositions with flowers and plants from any geographic area, even using rare and particularly delicate specimens.