Valiryo. Body Dryer Bathroom

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Body dryer for your bathroom. Forget the towels and dry with a body dryer faster and without washing towels

Body dryer for your bathroom. Forget the towels and dry with a body dryer faster and without washing towels


Valiryo. Body dryer bathroom. Stylish and useful accessory for the bathroom that will provide a quick and effective body drying.

Valyrio body hair bath.

Elegant and useful dryer entire body for swimming.

  • The warm air massage that relaxes body and mind
  • The warm air massage VALIRYO is a unique experience. The air expelled through its multiple diffusers caresses the skin homogeneously from the feet to the head, stimulating pleasant feelings of relaxation.
  • VALIRYO is the perfect complement to the relaxation of the hot shower. Your warm air massage increases this moment of satisfaction after a hard day's work. In addition, VALIRYO is a fantastic body dryer that, by avoiding the friction of the towel, moisturizes and cares for the skin.

Aireterapia: Pleasure puts you in shape

An innovative concept comes to the field of personal care. The air therapy is the achievement of relaxation through an air massage
warm all over the body. VALIRYO provides relaxation, hygiene, softness and hydration of the skin, and stops post-workout sweating.
It is still possible to invent something new. VALIRYO is an experience pioneer in the field of hot air propulsion on the body
used as a relaxing method. There is no product in the sector Similary.

And VALIRYO is here to stay.

Forget the towel and dry your body after showering in a simple and fast way besides decorating your bathroom with this beautiful accessory.

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE AND INTENSITY. The drying temperature to 21º Valiryo is higher than ambient. They can be chosen up to 16 convinations of use since its scorecard, which Valiryo memorized for the next time.
  • Efficient drying and homogeneous. Valiryo is the most efficient market body hair. Its patented curved column with 21 air vents allowing a perfect drying with homogenous temperature from head to toe.
  • TOTAL AUTONOMY WITH MOTION SENSOR. We have applied the latest technology to maximize the experience of using this body hair. Valiryo is activated when placed before him on and off the end use. Without stooping.
  • DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE, INNOVATION AND VALUE. Valiryo offers superior value to the towel in terms of comfort and wellness. Drying with hot air contributes to muscle relaxation and increased softness of the skin, with a finish without humidity.
  • SAVE IN LAUNDRY, WATER AND CO2 EMISSIONS. Improving the environmental footprint of the building where it is installed. Valiryo single-use saves up to 78 liters of water, stop issuing 0.55 kg of CO2, apart from the savings facilities.
  • INSTALLABLE IN THE SHOWER. Valiryo can be installed on a flat wall or corner inside the shower. It is 100% waterproof and has the protection rating IP35.sustituye completely towel body.

It is vandal resistant and antibacterial. Possesses antibacterial properties and high humidity environments is vandal for use in hotels.

It is clean and requires no maintenance.

Three endings:

  • White matte: both casing and matt white column
  • Black matte: both casing and matt black column

The finishes can be customized for large orders.




Valiryo body dryer features:

  • Voltage: 220-230 V ~ 50-60 Hz
  • Intensity: 12 A
  • Dimensions: 218 cm x 29.5 cm x 2.8 cm
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Increase air temperature over the environment: Up to 32 ° C
  • Temperature and speed variation between upper and lower diffuser: 2%
  • Drying time: 3 minutes
  • Placement: Wall / Corner
  • Protection Index: IP56


Novelty and comfort make a difference The hotel is constantly seeking its differentiation by improving the comfort of its
customers. Nowadays users of many hotels enjoy a hydromassage in the shower, or even a room for the
relaxation. VALIRYO is an extra with great attractions: innovative, affordable, elegant and easy to install and integrate and brings savings
Economic and environmental.


The experience that VALIRYO lacked in relaxation comes to culminate the appreciated family of relaxation services. Spa, Jacuzzi,
hydromassage, etc., and now, the VALIRYO warm air massage. The novelty and desire to increase the possibilities of well-being of
Its users make VALIRYO an unquestionably attractive product for this sector.


A product that trains VALIRYO provides autonomy to those people who, due to their age or due to temporary or permanent disability, cannot
dry themselves. In a time as intimate as drying, being able to do it yourself is great news. It also increases security
in the wet area of ​​the bathroom, avoiding risks of falls and slips since it is not necessary to bend down or make demanding movements to dry effectively.


An extra new and original Architects, interior designers, decorators ... Contract channel professionals now have VALIRYO
to increase the comfort of its customers, whether private, institutional or corporate. Once again, the novelty, added to the characteristics
product practices, makes VALIRYO a fascinating proposal, as original as it is simple to implement.


It is possible to have Valiryo at home VALIRYO is ideal for all ages and genders.
It is possible to extend the pleasure: the relaxing experience does not end with the shower. The explanation: it is very easy to install in the shower
Of any bathroom, you are prepared to last a lifetime and the return on your investment is safe.


A service that provides a plus One of the handicaps of tourist apartments compared to other alternatives of
Accommodation like hotels resides in that towels are not replaced daily. This situation can be resolved with Valiryo, since it provides a
more advanced way to dry and avoid using the same towel that has been exposed and wet for several days.

Air therapy: an innovative concept of relaxation

A new concept reaches the field of personal relaxation by
means of body care. Air therapy is the achievement of relaxation through a warm air massage throughout our body. And that, today, is only in a position to provide VALIRYO


VALIRYO is a unique relaxing experience. The air expelled through its multiple diffusers caresses the skin stimulating pleasant
Relaxation sensations Its design favors the personalization of the experience through various temperature and power regulators.
Enjoying the experience after a good shower or bath further extends the moment of relaxation.


VALIRYO is a satisfying act in itself. In parallel to its relaxing benefits or in relation to skin care, the mere fact of being caressed
For a warm breeze it is a pleasure that is hardly rejectable if you have the opportunity to enjoy it. It is, for example, a very nice method of
Dry your body after a shower.


A new experience arrives in the field of well-being. New for the user and new for businesses that offer wellness. VALIRYO has the
attractiveness of being a benefit more than offering regular customers of this type of services.
Today there is no standard device with these characteristics.


Its aesthetics are pleasant, sophisticated and naturally integrable in any bathroom, within the shower area itself.


The installation of VALIRYO is simple, fast and safe even in the shower.