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With the Infrared heating plates for Interior Ceilings IR you will have maximum savings and high energy efficiency.

With the Infrared heating plates for Interior Ceilings IR you will have maximum savings and high energy efficiency.


We all think about saving and health, with infrared heating plates for internal IR ceilings we will have heating at a lower cost and not only that but it is also very beneficial for health, it is ECO friendly, it helps reduce stress levels and above all it is 100% safe.

You can have heating with low electric consumption, you will save energy consumption of up to 50% without increasing the electrical power of your home. We have a completely safe heating system without the risk of fire, or excessive heating of the surface, they do not even burn to the touch.

They are easy to install and best of all, if you change places you can take them with you wherever you go, that is, you take your investment with you, great!

There are 2 types of plates, for surface mounting on the ceiling or for integration in ceilings or Armstrong type. Both in various powers and sizes for any solution to all types of spaces and needs.

Infrared heating works when the heat obtained from the infrared heating plates is transmitted by radiation and not by convection, normally transmitting the heat from the lower part of the room (radiators, stoves, underfloor heating). Hot air rises towards the top, which displaces the cold air downwards causing an uncomfortable circulation. Over time a balance is established, with the heat stratified in layers. The balance is broken the moment the device is turned off or a door is opened. The performance of these systems is greatly reduced with poor insulation of doors and windows or with high ceilings.

In the case of infrared heating, surface heating similar to that caused by sunlight. By not heating the room, there is no air bag displacement or stratification, and the heating process is much faster (instantaneous, in fact). Thermal inertia is minimized, efficiency is maximized by providing heat where and when it is needed.

Infrared heating is installed independently by rooms. Since the heat is practically instantaneous, it saves energy using only those that you need at any time. To take full advantage of the energy savings of this system, it is recommended to install timer-thermostats per room. This will allow improving efficiency in a simple way.


Maximum savings and high energy efficiency. Infrared heating achieves 30% -50% savings compared to other systems due to:

  • Lower installation cost.
  • Less power required per m2.
  • By not heating the air we do not have to measure by m3.
  • Lower consumption, when heating by radiation and not by convection.
  • No maintenance, no additional expense or fuel.
  • The heat produced by infrared heating is immediate, which maximizes efficiency and minimizes losses due to insulation problems or when ventilating rooms. As there are no moving parts, the risks of failure do not exist, therefore increasing its useful life.

It is recommended to install independent thermostats in each room that save energy without reducing comfort. When heating people directly, in a few minutes we already have a very pleasant thermal sensation, so we recommend that they have the heating on only for hours and in places where they are inside the house, being able to have it turned off in the rest of the rooms .

Easy installation and Maintenance.- The infrared heating plates have a low installation cost: Without pipes, pipes, or auxiliary equipment. Just install them on the ceiling and connect them to the electrical network using a thermostat timer. Its maintenance is practically nil, as there are no moving or consumable parts to be replaced or replaced. No weak points with risk of breakdown. No revisions.

The installation is carried out individually and independently per stay, which makes it easily expandable and fits all budgets. Once installed, if you want to change location or housing, you just have to dismantle it and mount it in the new cabin. Ideal for second residences or houses for rent since it is the only heating system that you can take with you when you change your house. Take your investment with you.

ECO- Friendly.- The infrared heating system generates heat without burning any type of fuel, therefore it does not generate CO2 emissions. Take care of the environment. Its high efficiency and low consumption means that the ecological footprint of the home where it is installed is reduced. Due to the absence of moving parts, its useful life is longer than in other systems, which indirectly also results in its low contaminating performance.

Almost 95% of the materials with which the plates are made are recyclable, so that at the end of their life cycle the waste is minimal.

Health benefits.- Infrared heating heats by radiation and not by convection, which prevents displacement of air pockets within the room and with it the circulation of dust and / or mites. This makes it the ideal heating system for people with allergies, respiratory problems or asthma.

Reduces anxiety and stress, chronic fatigue and depression. Effective in pain treatments and therapies: contractures, arthritis, fibromyalgia ... due to its vasodilatory effect on the circulatory system and muscle strain. It improves the immune system, thanks to the activation of cell phones and the improvement of blood flow. Used in anti-aging treatments for its antioxidant properties and its beneficial effects on metabolism.

Other benefits.- Infrared heating does not generate air circulation, nor does it directly heat it, which does not dry out the environment, and avoids stratification, generating more comfortable heat. It also has no condensation problems. When the infrared waves hit the walls, it heats them superficially, just like the rest of the surrounding matter. This contributes to reducing humidity, avoiding the proliferation of fungi.

The absence of active parts and the fact that they are attached to the ceiling makes them perfect for wet rooms such as the bathroom. Infrared radiation does not emit gases, odors, lights, noise or vibrations. In fact, nothing is perceived except for a nice warm feeling of warmth.

Aesthetically they are perfectly integrable in any environment thanks to their narrow profile and their design of pure and elegant lines. Being placed on the ceiling they do not take up useful space, and they go practically unnoticed. Remember that any conventional heating can not be placed any object less than 1 m2 so infrared heating makes us gain meters in our home.

Security.- Infrared heating plates consume electrical energy, without fuels or gases that can cause leaks. By not heating by combustion it does not produce emissions of smoke, gases or CO2 that could be toxic to people or animals in the environment. It is a completely safe heating system without the risk of fire, since it does not have a flame, nor does it overheat the surface. In fact, they don't even burn to the touch, which is especially interesting for example on under-table plates.

The risk of accidents is minimal. Infrared heating plates have no moving or accessible parts that can cause cuts or entrapments.


  • Economic product (fast amortization).
  • Low electricity consumption, saving energy consumption of up to 50% without increasing the electrical power of your home.
  • Easy installation, without works and easy to transport in case of change of location.
  • It does not take up space, placement on the ceiling or under the table, small dimensions and low weight.
  • Completely silent heating, without motors, does not generate noise or vibrations.
  • Electric heating suitable for use in the bathroom.
  • Eliminates non-persistent humidity on the walls of the room without drying out the environment.
  • It does not require maintenance, revisions or inspections.
  • Beneficial for health. The World Health Organization (WHO) declares infrared heat, in the range in which it is emitted by our infrared plates, as beneficial for health, promoting muscle relaxation, activating blood circulation and thus cell oxygenation. In fact, it is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies and in physical therapy to improve contractures and pain.
  1. This toning effect favors the regulation of metabolism and the immune system.
  2. It improves the state of people who are allergic or with problems in the respiratory tract, since it does not move the air and eliminates pathogens from the environment.
  3. Maintains the relative humidity of the air, so it does not dry out the airways.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.
  5. Significantly reduces symptoms in childhood asthma processes.
  • Beneficial for the environment, since it does not use polluting gases of any kind, industrial oils ..., it does not burn fossil fuels of any kind, it does not generate smoke, nor does it burn oxygen and it is made of 100% recyclable materials.
  • It improves the aesthetics of the rooms by avoiding the installation of highly visible radiators or equipment.
  • Models available for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • 100% safe, without risks of fire, gas leaks, etc.
  • Specialized technical service prepared to solve any problem that may arise.

We have certifications such as:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate.
  • Electromagnetic Field Measurement Certificate regarding human exposure.
  • Electrical Safety Certificate.

Data Sheet

IR60-1 Ceilling Plate 450 597 x 597 x 21 2,45 Kg 230 1,9 2,8 44
IR90-2 Ceilling Plate 600 900 x 597 x 21 3,5 Kg 230 2,6 2,8 44
IR120-3 Ceilling Plate 750 1190 x 590 x 21 4,4 Kg 230 3,2 2,8 44
IR150-4 Ceilling Plate 950 1500 x 597 x 21 5,2 Kg 230 4,1 2,8 44
IR-A60 Armstrong ceiling 450 597 x 597 x 21 2,45 Kg 230 1,9 2,8 44
IR-A120 Armstrong ceiling 750 1190 x 590 x 21 4,40 Kg 230 3,2 2,8 44
IRBM-1 Plate under table 250 800 x 400 x 21 1,6 Kg 230 1,06 - 44