EF series low power emitters

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Low consumption EF series thermal emitters from 600W to 1500W to heat your home or office.


Low consumption EF series thermal emitters from 600W to 1500W to heat your home or office.


The new ESCOLECTRIC low-energy radiators are the simplest and most economical electric heating system. The individual regulation in each one of the dependencies allows to optimize the operation of the equipment, adapting each of them to the specific uses of the room.

Composed of cast aluminum elements of high density, which ensures a high durability, as well as a homogeneous distribution and low temperature of the heat. The fluid, specially indicated to transfer the heat of the resistance to each of the elements, guarantees a constant and balanced transfer over the whole surface. It does not require any type of work. The appliance includes two very simple mounting brackets for wall mounting. All models with digital control, with control panel that allows a simple and precise, to act on all variables: temperature selection, stop time and daily running, specific program for each day of the week.

Rigorous quality controls in the manufacturing process make it a safe, comfortable and reliable heating system.


  • The electrical connection of the radiator must be made in a socket.
  • The radiator should be connected to 230V ~ 50Hz, phase and neutral.
  • The power goes from 600W to 2000W. INSTALLATION
  • Use the screws, plugs and brackets supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Drilling dimensions (see drilling template)
  • Read the installation instructions in another leaflet and make sure.
  • The radiator should be well located in the house, to optimize its performance.