Blind that protects against the Covid 19

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The Protect Covid 19 blind is your ally! protects and allows the development of your commercial activity without ceasing to have eye contact

The Protect Covid 19 blind is here! protects and allows the development of your commercial activity while still having visual contact.


We know that at the moment what we are looking for the most is to protect ourselves and our own, to begin to develop in a normal way now requires us to take measures that offer security at home and at work.

For the commercial activity that you develop the Velia protect Covid 19 blind, I come as a partner or companion or even better as an ally since it gives you protection and above all that the people who work with you do not stop having eye contact, important for development in team, in front of the client and obtaining objectives, so everyone will feel protected and comfortable.

Its installation is very simple and the drive can be by chain or with a tubular battery motor, that is, you will not need cables or anything like that, it is a product developed for its optimal protection against viruses.



  • It has fabric that protects and lets us see, it is made with the most advanced transparent PVC installed in a Saxun roll-up, it will ensure the tranquility of the workers and help customers feel comfortable.
  • Removable protection and safety, with the possibility of chain drive or a battery-powered tubular motor, or fixed, it is manufactured according to the needs of each business, being able to perform the function of the traditional methacrylate partition at a lower cost and being able to be removed when necessary.
  • Made of fireproof PVC Crystal or PVC material.
  • The maintenance is done with a cloth dampened with water solution and bleach the ratio of 1:10.
  • The battery lasts for 400 cycles. Charging is done via a supplied USB cable, when the indicator lights up red.
  • It is recommended to activate the stor daily.
  • Available M1 fabric for € 5 / m2 more.


Material Transparent PVC Tarpaulin

Canvas Type PVC Cristal  PVC Cristal Ignífugo
Composition 100 % 100 %
Fabric Weight 780 g/m2 617.5 g/m2
Canvas Thickness 0.63 mm 0.50 mm
Fire reistance classification Non - flame Retardant fireproof B1/M2



Velia With command chain split into two retractable chains that operate the mechanism, designed to fuarantee child safety.
Motorizado With lithium ion battery, motor installation without cables, autonomy of 500 movements, it is charged with a simple micro USB cable.
Fijo Fixed panel suspended


Data Sheet

Fabric weight  600 g/m2
Fabric thickness 0.50 mm +/- 5%
Fabric 100 % PVC
Colling Tube Aluminum
Bracket Aluminum with ABS trims
Maximum dimensions 1400 mm width x 2300 mm Height
Warranty 2 years